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5 reasons why bodyweight workouts and exercises are great

Bodyweight exercises - You have all the tools

Use your own body weight to stay in shape and develop muscle strength and flexibility. You can train every muscle group with just your body weight and additionally train your neuromuscular system to perform everyday movements better and more safely.
According to American College of Sports Medicine you do not need more than your own body weight. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete you can use bodyweight exercises to workout effectively wherever you are. For a quick start: here are some great 5 bodyweight exercises explained by Scott Laidler.

In this video Jeff Cavaliere explains common mistakes and misunderstanding about bodyweight exercises.

Metabolic training - Boost your metabolism to burn more calories

Multiple studies have shown that metabolic training (also high-intensity interval training or tabata training) activates your aerobic systems as well as their anaerobic system. This means you train your muscle strength as well as your endurance.
One famous example is the Tabata training method. Developed in Japan, Izumi Tabata, is a short, high-intensity interval training that lasts only 4 minutes, in which the athlete performs 8 intervals of exercises. Each interval exercise takes 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest time. After only 4 minutes your muscle not only will burn, but also develop and grow, as shown in the study.

In this official Tabata trailer you get the essence and science behind Tabata training.

Timed exercises - No more countless hours in the gym

Bodyweight Exercises usually do not last very long. Because of the combination of cardio and strength aspects, these exercises are highly effective within a short amount of time. One of many popular bodyweight exercise workouts it the 7-Minute workout, which is a great whole body training program. Timed exercises (Interval Training) have a distinct exercise and rest time, so you can not cheat by taking long breaks between repetitions and exercises. By increasing the workout time it is also easy to measure your progress - counting repetitions can be done but is not necessary.

In this video Funk Roberts shows one of his bodyweight timed routines.

Healthy body - Less is more: Use bodyweight exercises

A common understanding of exercising includes using machines and barbells, however this may not be physiological. Bodyweight movements and exercises reflect more natural movements like running, swimming, jumping and climbing. Bodyweight exercises focus especially on core and back training. This is the every major movement begins. Without a strong core and back, you are in serious health trouble.

In this video Elliott Hulse explains the importance of bodyweight training, it's roots in martial arts and the true potential.

Keep it simple and playful

You do not need to know a lot about bodyweight exercises to use this method. Start simply, 5 to 8 different exercises are more than sufficient to activate all major muscle groups.
Nevertheless this video should give you an idea how much you can do just with your bodyweight and also how fun it can be.

Level+Up makes bodyweight training short, simple, and effective.

Working out just got a whole lot easier! Level+Up was designed by a fitness junkie to help busy people find workouts that fit their busy schedules. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket. No equipment needed - exercise at home and on the go! 11 timed exercises target your core and major muscle groups - time to body sculpt. Beautiful stop motion animations and audio cues guide you through each exercise. As exercises get easier, take it to the next level. A log keeps track of your progress. You can share your heroic workouts on Facebook and Twitter. Feeling adventurous? Level+Up will shuffle up a workout for you!


  • Great workout experience: beautiful stop-motion animation, audio and vibration cues guide you through each exercise's set and rest cycles.
  • Great bodyweight exercises to choose from: Burpees, Crunches, Dips, Hindu Push-ups, Jumping Jacks, Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Single-leg Squats, Plank, Push-ups, Shoulder Press, Side Plank, Squats, Sumo Squat, Table Pull-ups 1, Table Pull-ups 2, Wall Sit
  • Timed exercises: exercising against the clock makes workouts feel shorter and more effective
  • Choose your level: each exercise is available in 7 levels with increasing length and intensity
  • Exercise shuffle: need some variety in your workout? Let Level+Up pick an exercise for you!
  • Workout log: track your progress with the Level+Up log.
  • Take notes: after every exercise you can jot down a quick note.
  • Social media: share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter

Final notes: Consult your doctor if you are unsure whether a particular exercise is good for you or if you experience pain during or following the workout.

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